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Vegetables Recipe Reviews

"Don't forget to eat your vegetables!". How many times have you heard that when you were young? Now as a mother I realise, it wasn't vegetables which children disliked, mothers just didn't know how to cook them so they appealed to children's taste buds :-) !

The first art of getting your children to eat their veges is to cook them so it looks so good, that they will come through rain, hail or shine to be sitting at the dinner table when its served or miss out forever. Yes, the simple trick is to make the veges so mouth watering that they just can't resist.

Unfortunately, many children grow up as adults without overcoming their fear of greens.

You can never be too creative with your greens, and that's actually the secret in getting your kids hooked on greens! The more creative you are in experimenting, the more chances you give your kids to find that love for veges. Imagine that one day the following conversation at the dinner table

Son : "Hey mom, what is this?"

Mom : "Just try a bit, its something new I cooked up."

Son : "Is it avocado again? You know I hate avocado! Why did you cook it again ..."

Mom : "Come on honey, just try a little bit, if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it"

Son reluctantly tries a bit. He nibbles at an ultra small portion like he is tasting poison.

Son : "Hey, mom! It actually tastes nice ... can I have some more?"

Finally after several mouthfulls, you get the question you have been waiting for ... and been dying to answer ...

Son : "Ok mom, what is this green thing that I've been eating ....?"

Mom : "It's avocado...... "

This was an actual conversation we had in family a few weeks ago, but it wasn't mom talking to son, it was wife talking to husband. So miracles do happen everyday :-)

Now with the arsenal of Celebrity TV Chef Recipes that we have for you, getting your kids and family members to eat their greens should (cross your fingers) never be a chore.

Wishing mouth watering miracles for you,



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