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Starters & Snacks Recipe Reviews

In chinese starters and snacks are called "xiao che" which literally means small eat. These nibbles can either be used as something you serve as an appetizer, or a side dish, or even as a nibble when you get peckish and need quick bite to eat between meals or as supper.

Generally, starters and snacks are very easy to make. They are a great way to add the extra dish to a meal which otherwise 'lacked something'. I remember one day when we had a family get together where everyone brings along something. In Malaysia we call such gatherings 'pot luck', everyone brings along one dish (whether they cooked or purchased it) and together we have a combined dinner. Pot luck dinners are great because the family can get together for a feast and no one person is burdened by the cooking, everyone chips in.

But as it turned out this particular pot luck dinner, something was not right, we just could not put our finger on it. So with 5 minutes to spare before we started to dig into the feast, I cooked up Jamie Oliver Quesadillas with Guacamole , it is literally that easy and added the extra dish to complete the feast.

While you are here, take a moment to bookmark this page so you can easily drop by from time to time. We are always growing this site so check back to see the next quick small eat you can use to bring your dinner to life!




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