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Soups, Stews & Stocks Recipe Reviews

I absolutely love soups! When I grew up, there would always be a soup dish at the dinner table. Now a days with society rapidly changing, soups are starting to become a thing of the past. My fondest memories of soups is when my mom would make some when I was sick. It's funny isn't it, even though the soup was one that she cooked any other time, but because you were feeling sick, it tastes 10 times better!

Making soups never have to be a difficult chore. If you ever have a dish which requires a long boiling period, you can always try making it in a slow cooker (or rice cooker) and let it boil all day without fear of burning the whole house down.

For all the moms out there, soups are a great way to get your kids eating the food which they would never eat. I remember my husband sharing with me one day how his mom would throw in fish fillet into a beef stew. My husband has a serious dislike for seafood, so the only way his mum was able to get him to eat fish was by mixing it in a stew. This was the fish literally was mixed into the dish (you can't tell it a part once its mashed together) and the stew easily masks any fishy taste!



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