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Nigella Lawson
Gingered and Minty Fruit Salad
Nigella Lucy Lawson (born 6 January 1960) is an English journalist, cookery writer, and television presenter. She wrote a restaurant column for the Spectator before becoming deputy literary editor of the Sunday Times in 1986....more.

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Put the water and sugar in a tiny saucepan (I use one of those little copper ones made for melting butter in) and bring to the boil. Let boil for five minutes and while the syrup's bubbling away,
put the chopped ginger and mint leaves in a small bowl or ramekin.
When the five minutes are up, squeeze in the juice of half a lime and then pour the syrup over the ginger and mint and let cool. Then you can get on with the salad.
For this you need two bowls, one for serving the fruit salad in and one for the detritus. Halve the melons, scoop the seeds into the non-serving bowl and using a melon-baller (please, indulge me) gouge out curvy pieces of melon. When the fruits are used up, squeeze the empty skins to get all the melon juice onto the pieces of fruit.

Halve the paw paw and scoop out the seeds into the detritus bowl and use the melon-baller to carve out more pieces of fruit, squeezing out the emptied skins over as you did with the melons.

Peel and stone the lychees and add these to the fruit bowl. Holding the peaches, one by one, over the rest of the fruit, cut out small segments and let them drop down over the rest of the fruit as you go.
Pour the cooled syrup into the detritus bowl and strain this over the fruit salad.
Now add the pomegranate seeds. Get the seeds out of the pomegranate with a wooden spoon. Leave it after a few thwacks, the seeds will rain down upon your salad.

Chill in the fridge before serving, if you wish. When serve, finely chopped few mint leaves and scatter over the salad.

Source : Nigella Lawson "Forever Summer "


- 75ml water
- 45g castor sugar
- 3cm piece of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
- Small palmful mint leaves, plus some for snipping over later
- Juice of half a lime
- 1 gallia melon
- 1 honeydew melon
- 1 paw paw
- 2 white peaches
- 300g lychees (obviously, you can use any fruit you want, in season)
- seeds from half a pomegranate, if available

SERVES : 6-8


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