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Breads, Tarts & Pastries Recipe Reviews

Breads and Pastries has always been some what of a mystery to me since childhood. I would walk into a bakers shop and see trays and trays of yummy yummy food. I just never knew how they managed to create so many variations! Once you understand that all those bread which they have displayed are based from the same basic bread dough (they only change the toppings) you are half way there to setting up your own bakery :-)

I have always loved a good pie. In South Australia there is something called a pie floater which is an upside down pie with green pea soup poured over it with a generous helping of tomato sauce. Only recently I ventured into making my very own pastry and pie. And trust me, once you have made your own pie, no other pie will taste any better. You are able to customise the recipe just for your ... from the extra flakey pastry to the extra chunky chicken pieces, there will be none quite like it.

Take your time to learn to make breads and pastries. Once you have you are able to have your house filled with a beautiful aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning your kids and loved ones will always have a precious memory to remember.

Best of luck to your bake away,



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