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Fancy cooking one of those tasty, mouth watering dishes that you see Celebrity TV Chefs like Jamie Oliver, Giada De Laurentiis or Rachael Ray dish up on TV? Or have you tried a Nigella Lawson cake or a Martha Stewart tart and it never turned out like what you saw on TV?

Whether you like them or hate them, you must credit Celebrity TV Chefs for something.... they truly add a mystique and awe to cooking which not only wows us but also inspires us to cook. We think cooking is simple, and many times it just does not turn out. It is also very easy for us to be discouraged when our meal just doesn't turn out. And especially discouraging when you some how cannot get the encouragement from the ones we love to try again. is the home of you favourite Celebrity TV Chef. Celebrity Chefs like Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis has inspired us and brought to our very homes the joy of cooking. Not only did cooking become something of a passion (actually, it started out like many of you - a nightmare, dishes just didn't taste or look right), it has since developed into a hobby.

Some wise person once said, "Mimicry is the greatest form of flattery" and this website was created in hope to be a resource to you all and to serve as a source of inspirtaion for you who wishes to cook up a mouth watering dish and hope that it can taste as good as it looks!

Enjoy this website, come again as it grows. We hope the pictures and reviews that we have posted serve as an inpiration for you.

Tastefully yours,

Catherine Chu


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